Molded Training Guns

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      Introducing TrustBatons & Flexible Rubber Guns!!


     Advanced Police Training is proud to present our first line of molded training aids to the Law Enforcement, Military, and Security community’s. These molded training aids give the agency the ability to conduct the required departmental training without using real weapons.
These training aids come in a variety of colors and can be used for Fire Arms Training, Structure Clearing, Defensive Tactics, Ground Fighting, Wepon Retention, Officer Survival, Edged Weapon Training and more.

Pistol: 17/22/45 Cost: $35.00 Each pistol has a 3 dot sight system that glow's in the dark.   (Client Chooses Color)

Knife:  Cost $14.00  (Client Chooses Color)
M4's:   Cost of Biege=$200.00  Cost of Orange=$225.00 (Minimum Order = 4)  Sight System glow's in the dark.

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