Advanced Police Training Courses

Choose from a total of 22 different police training courses offered by Advanced Police Training. Our concern for officer safety drives us to offer the best knowledge, tactics, and principles available.

These courses will increase the officers knowledge base and confidence in preparation for real life incidents. Call today to sign up for specific classes or for more information about HOSTING COURSES.

Important! There is a $50.00 student retainer fee that is NON REFUNDABLE if student fails to attend course. ALL COURSE FEES are to be paid prior to course starting date.

Specialized Training Classes                                                         

  Boom Week: This course is designed for those agencies that must have a specific amount of continuous education hours mandated by the state POST. The agency can request multiple assorted 8 hour courses totaling 40 hours for a certain student head count from the specific host agency. The agency can also request a 16 hour course followed by three separate 8 hour courses for a total of 40 hours. The agency also has the ability to request a 24 hour course followed by two separate 8 hour courses for a total of 40 hours. The agency can keep the same student body in each course or rotate the student body per each course as department man power allows. Conducting this week long training of multiple courses will allow the agency to spread the training hours around and will lower the overall cost versus conducting separate courses.


•  Edged Weapons Instructor V3: This is now a day course to include Basic Edged Weapons, Dynamic Edged Weapons, and the Instructor Level. The student instructor will be taught Basic Edged Weapons Day 1, Dynamic Edged Weapons Day 2 -Day 3 and the Instructor Level Day 4 - Day 5. The Instructor Level Day 4 will consist of Maintaining Your Edge, Cause and Effect, Body Armor Failure, Interior/Exterior Situational Encounters, Ambient Light Attacks, Single/Double Attacker Defense, Agency S.O.P. Guidelines and more. Day 5 will consist of Formatted Company Paper Work, Instructor Development, Class Room Format, Threat Brief, Class Room Safety Protocol, Course Preparation and Considerations, Course Presentations, Power Point Programs, Training Aids and Materials, Student Guide Preparations, Practical and Written Testing Procedures. The student instructor must complete multiple course practicals, a written test, and course teach backs (If student has attended Basic Edged Weapons, Dynamic Edged Weapons and has a current certification of these two courses attendance to the Instructor Level Day 4 & 5 is acceptable).

Active Shooter Training: Teaches officers how to respond both outside and inside a structure, such as a school or office. Trains officers as a group or alone in the use of a pistol, assault rifle, and tactical movements of 1-2-3-4 officers. Learn basic principles, tactics, and knowledge needed to respond to an active shooter incident.

IPMBA International Police/Security/EMS Mountain Bike Association: International course recognized anywhere in the world, that teaches the officer how to ride a bike within a law enforcement capacity. The officer will learn how to utilize the bicycle as a mode of transportation, a crime fighting tool in high crime areas, and a public relations tool. The officer will learn how to over come obstacles and keep control of the bike while acting in a law enforcement capacity. THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS. THIS COURSE IS ALSO TAUGHT TO SECURITY AGENCIES FOR SECURITY OFFICERS.

Police Subject Control (Defensive Tactics): Learn how to physically take control of a compliant or non-compliant person by using the person's own force and balance displacement against them. This course has a high effective rate and greatly reduces injury to both the officer as well as the non-compliant person. This course included instruction and certification on straight baton / expandable baton, hand cuffing, and basic ground fighting.

Tactical Semi-Automatic Handgun: This course is designed to take the student to the next level in knowledge and skills while utilizing a semi-automatic handgun. This course contains all of the basics of the "Basic Semi-Automatic Handgun" course but places the student inside structures. This course focuses on weapon retention, movement inside close quarters, and close quarter engagements. THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY, REPUTABLE SECURITY, and SELECT CIVILIANS.

Structure/Room Clearing: This course is designed to show the student how to make threshold entries to structures and rooms. This course also instructs how to work horizontal, vertical, and multiple angles while using weapon retention, weapon compression, and weapon extension with maximum depth and surrounding environment. This is a force on force course using FX Marking rounds and FX Training Guns. THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY, REPUTABLE SECURITY, and SELECT CIVILIANS.

Women's Awareness and Response Instructor Course: This a 3 day course that will instruct the student instructor the basic format of how to teach the course. The student will also be taught basic tools/weapons, confident body posture, situational awareness, shielding, points of impact, break a ways, escape and evasion, basic ground fighting, situational encounters, parking lot encounters, and vehicle encounters.

• Basic SWAT: This course is designed for both the newly formed SWAT unit, and an existing unit that wants to further or refresh their experience and knowledge base. Officers will be instructed in Mechanics of Weapon Presentation for Pistol and M4, Formation Movements, Movement to Contact, Structure and Room Clearing, and Extreme Close Quarter Contact. 

Tactical M4 Rifle/Pistol: This course will introduce the student to muzzle aversion, position of retention, transitions, pre patrol inspections, patrol configurations, fire teams, individual responsibilities, patrol formations, non verbal communications, hasty stops/perimeters and more. This is a great course for law enforcement S.W.A.T. teams and Military teams needing further training and instruction.

Advanced SWAT: This course is designed to take the SWAT unit to the next level of knowledge by using all the basic skills learned and introducing the use of Distraction Devices, Chemical Munitions, Ballistic Breaching, Ballistic Shields, Suspect Apprehension and Extraction and more.  (Must have attended APT Basic SWAT)


Additional Specialized Training Classes

Specialty Impact Munitions: Utilization of 12 gauge, 37 mm, 40 mm projectors (shoulder mounted weapons) for less lethal force against non-compliant persons. Along with the proper instruction of the projectors officers will be instructed on different munitions such as bean bags, foam batons, rubber batons, wood batons and other impact munitions. Officers will also learn correct shot placement of different munitions. This course is geared toward patrol and SWAT teams.

Basic M4 Familiarization: This course will instruct how to use the M4 assault rifle for both patrol and response teams. Officers will be instructed in weapon nomenclature, basic stances, posture, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, reloading, weapon malfunction, weapon retention, muzzle aversion, and introduction to movement.

Officer Survival Tactics for Patrol Officers: Geared toward patrol for both daytime, nighttime, and felony traffic stops while utilizing different approaches. Course will also instruct officers in proximity, posture, stance, hand placement, and positioning while conducting interviews. Officers will also learn how to recognize hidden danger signs in body language.

Basic Edged Weapons: This course will instruct basic types of fixed blades and (clip it) folding blades for patrol purposes. Officers will be instructed in history of edged weapons, placement of edged weapons, different grips, draw sequence, posture, basic foot work, 7 basic cuts, defensive/offensive maneuvers, placement of edged weapons on force continuum.

Dynamic Edged Weapons: You thought Basic Edged Weapons was eye opening, take a stab at this one and  get the shock of your life. Take everything you learned from the basic  to the next level and learn how to disarm by strips and gaunts. Learn to react and immobilize attacks from the most awkward and stressful positions. Learn basic traps that cause immediate damage to the attacker by using his own force against him while utilizing a edged weapon.  (Must have attended APT Basic Edged Weapons)

Combative "0.C." Instructor Certification: This course has all the makings of a "basic O.C. certification" course that involves the contamination of a live product, but under extreme stressful conditions. The student will be contaminated with a live product and taught how to fight through the discomfort while engaging persons in close quarter combat. THIS COURSE IS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT / MILITARY ONLY!

Combat Stress Shooting: This course is designed to educate the student on real life combat stress during live fire engagements. Each stress course is designed to give the student the most realistic form of reactive shooting under stressful conditions as possible. This course IS NOT a static line course but a continues "shooting while moving" course that Will constantly challenge the student to make judgment calls under stress while moving and engaging targets. THIS COURSE IS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY ONLY.

Impact Weapons Basic Instructor Course:  This course will be a train the trainer course for impact weapons that include expandable baton and straight stick for patrol purposes. Officers will be instructed in course format, different grips, draw sequence, posture, basic foot work, basic strikes, basic traps, defensive/offensive maneuvers, placement of impact weapons on force continuum and more. THIS COURSE IS FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT, MILITARY ONLY.

Civilian cources

Basic Semi-Automatic Handgun:

This course is designed to give the student the basic knowledge and fundamentals needed to utilize and operate a semi-automatic handgun. Students attending this training will be instructed in basic nomenclature of different semi-automatic handguns, along with operating functions, malfunctions, and loading procedures. Students will be instructed in basic stances, postures, grips, draw sequences, sight alignment, sight picture, finger placement, trigger control, point of aim / point of impact, and follow through. THIS COURSE IS TAUGHT TO CIVILIANS.

Women's Awareness and Response (W.A.R.):

This is a women's self defense course that is directed to both "situational awareness" and "use of force". The student will learn how to be aware of her surroundings in both day and night time environments. The student will also learn how to utilize common instruments for weapons. The student will be taught basic strikes, and points of impact along with escape and evasion.

Oleoresin Capsicum:

This course teaches how to use O.C. aerosol projectors that are carried by civilians who may need this type of training for personal defense. The student will learn proper stance, draw sequence, distance, do's and don'ts, increment environment, desired contamination / self contamination, proper decontamination, and medical concerns.

Traditional Aikido:
This is a continuing training course dealing with traditional Japanese Aikido. It will be held on a weekly basis and membership is required. Membership will be opened every 6 months for new enrollment to the class. The class will be held one night a week for 2 hours a session. Within the instruction you will learn how to defend yourself using your body as well as weapons. You will learn how to disrupt a person’s balance, pin a combative person to the ground, throw a combative person, and use multiple submission holds to gain compliance while executing the least amount of damage to the person. You will learn how to utilize what you learn using your body and hands only which will translate into using a weapon.