Instructors Needed!



     Advanced Police Training has been awarded the opportunity to construct a “Corrections Officer Academy” from a basic to advanced level for the Client’s personnel. The client’s personnel who will be the “corrections officers” have never been in the military, or worked in a law enforcement capacity.

     It will be the job of Advanced Police Training LLC to form a team of instructors with the needed professional backgrounds, credentials, and experience to instruct a number of assorted topics to these personnel. These topics will be disclosed at a later time within the statement of work given to each instructor. 

Scope of Duties:

     It will be the responsibility of Advanced Police Training LLC to conduct a short train up with each individual instructor of all topics to be taught. This may or may not be done with the entire team of instructors in class environment, or on a single instructor basis. This may change as time permits to conduct a single 1 day class of all topics to the entire group of instructors or a 1 on 1 basis. This train up will be conducted prior to team leaving CONUS.

Length of Tour:

     The length of this tour is set for 6 months total from starting date to finish date. The instructor will be briefed in detail on the time frames in total length, and in time of required service on a daily basis. The instructor will sign a formatted contract to fully commit to the 6 month tour of duty with full expectations of fulfilling the agreement between Advanced Police Training LLC and the individual instructor.

The only excusable reason for a breach of contract on the instructor’s part is due to a death in his immediate family to include only Parents, Spouse, and offspring.

Location of Tour:

     The location of tour is the country of xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx located on the west coast of Africa. The equator is located in close proximity so the temperature we will be experiencing in xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will be intense.


a.      The client will purchase in full the round trip airfare for each instructor leaving CONUS to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and leaving xxxxxxxxxxxxxx to CONUS

b.     The client will provide each instructor with a secure room at a 5 star hotel for the entire tour of duty to rest after each day

c.     The client will provide 3 meals a day for each instructor for the entire tour of duty 

d.     The client will purchase and supply all needed gear to facilitate all the needed training of all courses during the 3 month academies.

e.      The client will provide transportation from the 5 start hotel to the training facility and back to 5 star hotel each day

Required Travel Credentials:

     Each instructor will be responsible to have currently or acquire as needed the following active and up to date credentials:

a.      Passport (with at least 1 year before expiration date)

b.     Record of shots

c.     Global

d.     Step

e.      Visa ( after 90 day possible)

Required Shots: (must be documented)

a.      Yellow Fever

b.     Cholera

c.     Smallpox

d.     Polio

e.      Required paper work from administering Doctor. (List specific medication, daily dosage, must state for personal use only, adequate supply for entire tour of duty)

CDC Recommended Shots:

a.      Typhoid

b.     Hepatitis A

c.     Malaria (Pills)

d.     Required paper work from administering Doctor. (List specific medication, daily dosage, must state for personal use only, adequate supply for entire tour of duty

Instructor to Student Ratio:

a.      First 3 month academy

b.     Total student head count for 3 month academy 57 students

c.     Second 3 month academy

d.     Total student head count for 3 month academy 58 students

Total student head count for 6 months 2 academies = 115 students

Applicant Instructor Vetting Requirements:

a.      Must submit up to date and current resume to Advanced Police Training LLC

b.     Must submit list of referrals

c.     Must have a background in either (1)Law Enforcement, (2) Military (DD214 if able), (3) Medical Field or a combination of either

d.     Must submit any operator certifications  (expired or current accepted)

e.      Must submit any instructor certifications (expired or current accepted)

f.       Able to speak, read, write, or learn basic Spanish

g.     Clear a criminal back ground check (Felony)

h.     Must be able to submit to and pass drug test

i.        Must have a minimum high school diploma or GED. 

Applicant Instructor Physical Requirements:

a.      Must be able to physically stand, speak, instruct, and facilitate any and all duties of instruction as they relate to the statement of work.

b.     Must have the ability to squat and stand

c.     Must have the ability to drop to knees for short periods of time

d.     Must have the ability to walk a minimal distance of 300 yards

e.      Must be able to operate in any/all types of weather including but not limited to extreme heat, extreme dry air, constant sunshine

f.       Must have the ability to maintain a professional attitude under stress

g.     Must be able to physically use gear to facilitate lectures

h.     Must be able to physically demonstrate Pushups, and Sit-ups

i.        Must be able to facilitate physical training as needed to include but not limited to:

     Physical take downs, restraints, cuffing procedures, impact baton strikes, flashlight applications, basic ground fighting, interviewing procedures, stop and approach for both foot and vehicle, less lethal weapons to include 12G impacts, 12G chemical munitions, Oleoresin Capsicum, and Taser.